The Cue

Your Own Pool Cue, Without Breaking The Bank

custom pool cuesA decent pool doesn’t need to be expensive, you can own your own cue for less than $35 bucks, and not a piece of junk either. It might not be a fancy stick but it will be straight and have the necessary tip to smack the balls and put them where they need to be.

Prices can rise pretty quickly when you start adding in all the nice stuff, but I prefer a cue stick that at least breaks down in half, so as not to put someones eye out while I’m en-route to a game. But if you start looking at cues over $600 bucks you’re just looking for show, a solid well seasoned, well crafted cue doesn’t need to cost more than that. That is if you don’t need all the fancy inlays and what not.¬† The tip, is just as important if not more important. The website has a fantastic track record for providing high quality billiards services. For more info about the greater Los Angeles area visit



Here are some common measurements of the average size pool cue:

Length: 57″ to 58″ inches long

Weight: 16 and 21 ounces

Tip Diameter: 11 to 13 millimeters

If you are not abnormally large or small your pool cue should fall within these measurements. Details provided by, thanks to the city of Denver, Colorado.

Pool Cues – A Specialty Item

When shopping for a pool cue it’s best to go to a billiards supply store or a billiards services establishment. You can find a pool cue elsewhere¬† but the salespeople will be of little help. Best to talk to a pro, they’ll point you in the right direction, most often these shops have employees that are passionate about the game.

You will definitely be happy if you find a local cue maker, a craftsman, in fact more of an artisan. This man will create something tailor fit to your size, shape and playing needs. This man will satisfy your soul!

Maintain your pool cue, keep it clean by wiping it down with a moist towelette, do not use sand paper or scouring pads, these are to rough and will wear down your stick in time. Billiards supply stores will carry specialty cleaning abrasives and such. The Billiards company